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What do Marcus Aurelius, who was a Stoic philosopher and a Roman emperor so, you know, no slouch, and Bill Murray (Groundhogs Day, Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live, Hollywood funnyman) – what do these 2 guys have in common? Well, hang out with me and you’ll find out how to empower your life.

I want to share one of my favorite quotes from Marcus Aurelius with you. It goes like this,

“You have the power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this and you’ll find strength.”

Now think about how great that is. This is a Roman emperor who had a LOT of control and he realized he could only control his mind, not outside events. That is GREAT news for you!

If you’re feeling out of control or depressed or at the mercy of your circumstances, realize this.

You don’t have control. None of us really have control over outside events.

We control what’s here, what’s inside our minds. THAT’S  our strength to empower your life.

So if you’re in control of your mind, that means you can have the power and the strength to get your mind thinking the way you want it to think. You’re not at the mercy of outside events or other people’s voices. Yeah, we all tend to let ourselves get influenced by them but we have the power right here in our mind. Ah, it’s SO good!

So if you’re with me on this- understanding that you do have the power to control your mind.

<h3?Now think for a minute. What are you putting INTO your brain? What are you doing to empower your life?

Are you sitting around being absorbed by all the negative news and the scary updates about this is what’s happening with the Corona virus and knowing that so many of us are under stay at home orders because of not wanting to spread the covid-19.

It’s easy to just get sucked into all the negativity and seek out the information that continues to keep us in that pit of “Oh my gosh, things are hard and I’m depressed and I’m anxious”.

Well, if you have the power to control your mind, you have the power to control the info that goes into your mind. You decide the voices you’re gonna listen to.  You decide the news (and you probably don’t need nearly as much as you think you do).

Um, flip a little bit here. Not just the news. Whose voices are in your head?

Are you hearing parents voices from long ago? Teachers? People scolding you? Older brothers and  sisters? People who made fun of you? I don’t know, what voices do you have in your head that you keep replaying the stories of… you’re not good enough, you don’t measure up, whatever it is.

What kind of crap stories are you telling yourself? Well, stop. If you have the power, and you do have the power to control your mind, you can stop telling yourself those stories and empower your life.

Now that brings us to Bill Murray.  Alright, he’s got some great quotes. But here’s one of my favorites of his. He says,

“Work at being the best you you can be as often as you can.”

Well, that’s pretty simple. Work at being the best you- not somebody else- the best YOU as often as you can. Live an empowered life!

Now know that your best is gonna fluctuate, it’s gonna go up and down and you’re not always gonna be your best but you just do it as often as you can. Sometimes that means taking giant steps and sometimes it means taking just a little step.

It’s easier to start thinking about that very NEXT step. Maybe that step is spending some time thinking about who the heck am I and what does it mean? What do I want it to mean to be the best me I can be?

Or maybe that next step is having the courage to reach out to somebody and say, “Hey, I could use a little support here. Please help me.” Little steps to empower your life. You don’t have to plan your whole next year.

Think about the next step and work at being the best you you can be as much as you can and how to empower your life.

So that’s what these 2 guys have in common.  A Roman emperor who was a Stoic philosopher who had the world at his fingertips and Bill Murray who is one of my favorite funny guys in Hollywood.

They both have incredible life advice to help us have a life well-lived.

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