It’s November- the month to be grateful AND….

National Entrepreneur Month.


I want to celebrate my fellow entrepreneurs.

Male, female.

Young, old.

Maybe you just started your entrepreneur journey, maybe you’ve been at this for decades.

You might be in it all by yourself as a solo entrepreneur or you might have a lot of employees.

You might have a brick and mortar business.

You may be working from home.

You might be doing it online.

We ALL have different journeys in our entrepreneur life but there is an important trait I believe we all share.


I read a study the other day talking about the traits needed for successful entrepreneurship.

Of course, it included things like communication skills, solid problem-solving abilities and being able to manage your time and your energy.

Yes, all of those help make a successful entrepreneur.

But I think the #1 characteristic that every entrepreneur HAS to have is… COURAGE.


We HAVE to be courageous.

You, as an entrepreneur, courageously decided to take charge of your life.

You chose to be responsible for your decisions,

to step up and really take control of how you make your money,

to take charge of the ENERGY you’re putting out into the world, the services you offer, the products you offer to us.

It takes courage.


And you do know that doesn’t mean we’re not fearful, don’t you?

Courage is not the absence of fear.

Courage is being able to act and think and move IN SPITE of the fear.

So when we face those scary situations,

we just reach behind us and grab that fear and say, “Come on, you’re coming with me, fear. Let’s go!”


And do you know what happens next?

The fear dissipates.

It melts away and our courage grows and our confidence grows.

And when our courage is stronger, everything-

our problem-solving, our communication, our business as a whole-

everything gets stronger.

When our courage grows, we grow


So I celebrate all of us entrepreneurs!

Our successes and our failures,

We’re entrepreneurs- of COURSE, we have failures!

What we’ve learned,

The lives we’ve touched,

The money we’ve made and are making.


Keep it going.

Enjoy your journey.

Be grateful.

Keep it up, stay strong and be courageous.

The world needs our energy NOW more than ever!


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