I don’t think you and I are that different at all.
Actually, I think you and I are a lot ALIKE.
I want to matter.
I want to make a difference.
I want to know that the world changes in some way because I’m in it.

I believe that YOU want to make a difference.
That you want to matter.
That you want to know the world changes because you’re here.

How do you complete this phrase?
If only I had more money, more time
If only I knew more about…
If only I was smarter, if I was different,
If only, if only, if only.

I found myself thinking that over and over SO many times. If only.
Honestly, I thought it so many times I got tired of hearing myself say it.

You know “if only” is just a different way to say “I can’t” and we all know what that gets us.
It gets us nothing because we think we can’t, so we can’t.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do instead of thinking “if only” because I don’t want to look back at my life and think “if only”.

I want to look back and say “EVEN THOUGH”.
Even though I was afraid-
Even though I thought I wasn’t smart enough or good enough or could do it-
Even though – however you want to fill in the blank.

Even though…I did it.
I tried.
I stepped out.
Even though.

It’s just two little words that are different.
“If only” or “Even Though”
But it changes your whole perspective.
Try it.

Now this is a silly little example but it’s a good illustration.
I started video myself today and my hair was a wreck.
It’s been raining for days and I’ve got curly hair so it just went ‘ppffftt’ into this mess.
And I caught myself thinking “Oh boy, that looks bad. You can’t share video of your hair looking like that.” I was tempted to stop and not finish my video. But I thought a little more about it and I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and here I am.

I switched my thinking from “If only my hair looked better” to “Even though my hair is a wreck, I’m still doing this video.”

I went from “if only” to “even though”.

And I didn’t die.
Nothing horrible happened.
And here I am feeling confident and good because I DID something even though things weren’t perfect. I did it. Even though.

When I catch myself thinking “if only”- if only things were different, I wish whatever, if only…
When I think the ‘if only’ way, I’m so focused on the LACK that it keeps me paralyzed and I don’t take the actions that I really honestly am very capable of taking but my brain’s so caught up in the “if only… you can’t do it” that I don’t take those actions.

When I’m focused on the lack,
I miss the opportunity, I miss the chance, the opening, to step out in imperfect action but TO STEP OUT and work on doing the things I want to do in this world.

I’ve got big dreams and I don’t want them to just stay dreams.
And I bet that you’ve got something in your life that you dream about, that you want to make happen.

Whether it’s something small in your life that you wish were different or really honking big dreams that you want to impact the world in some way. That’s right- honking big dreams. Some folks call them Big Hairy Audacious Goals. You can call them whatever you want but, please, call them something and start taking actions to let your dreams live.

I wonder, what would be different in YOUR life if you move from thinking “If only” to “Even though”?


What will you do EVEN THOUGH?


Life Coaching tips from Tracey at tbrowning.com