Hey, I’m Tracey. I’m a life coach who focuses specifically on your mindset- the POWER of your mind!

And the story of the starfish.

Do you know the story of the starfish?

You’re walking along the beach after a major storm and there are hundreds, HUNDREDS, of starfish washed up on shore. They’re going to die. They can’t get back into the ocean.

And as you’re walking, you look and you see a lady coming up the beach towards you and she bends down and throws something back into the ocean. Bends down again and throws it into the ocean. A little bit further, bends down and throws it into the ocean.

And as you get closer, you see that she’s bending down and picking up a starfish and throwing it into the ocean.

And you get up to her and you say,
“Lady, what are you thinking?
There are hundreds of starfish out on the beach.
You’re NEVER gonna make a difference!”

She bends down
and she picks up another starfish
and she throws it in the ocean
and says,
“I made a difference to THAT one!”

THIS is my mission as a life coach.
As a person who loves, loves, LOVES learning about our amazing brains and how we can use them,
I want to make the world a better place.
I can do that with you- one person at a time.

That’s how we’ll change the world.

A life coach helps you identify your goals, figure out a plan and stick to it.
We’re very present- and future-focused.

A life & mindset coach is an action-oriented, supportive mentor.

Let me give you a little background on me.

I have a Master’s degree in Psychology.
I studied for my doctorate in Counseling Psychology.
I’m a certified Life Coach so I’ve got the education and the credentials.

I’ve got corporate business experience.

I am a business owner with my husband- we’ve got a digital marketing agency.
We’ve done that for years.

I home schooled and raised my three sons who are now adults but I have 19 years of home school experience.

I’ve got LOTS of varied life experience.
We’ve been through a lot, successfully; some of it, unsuccessfully.
We’ve dealt with challenges.

Not only do I have education and experience, I CARE.

I work from a cognitive behavioral perspective.
Cognitive- being your thoughts, behavioral- being your actions.

I look at, and I help you look at, how your thoughts and your feelings work together to determine your actions OR your lack of action.

In 2014, an article from the Michigan School of Psychology came out looking at meta-analyses of research (that’s just looking at a lot of studies done) on what makes therapy effective. Now they were talking about psychotherapy, not coaching, but there’s a similarity here.

What they found was that it wasn’t the age, it wasn’t the gender, it wasn’t the credentials of the therapist that made the most impact.

What made psychotherapy most effective was to have a therapist who was accepting, understanding and genuinely interested in their client.

Well, obviously, the same thing can be said for coaching.
A coach who is accepting, genuinely interested and understanding is the most effective.
I got you!

Who needs a life coach?

Most people think you have to have a BIG problem to ask somebody for help.

Well, yeah, a life coach can help you with a big problem
but, you also, if you just want to improve, if you want more, if you want better,
if there’s part of your life that can be more than it is and you’re not quite sure how to get there-
a life coach can help you.

I’ve worked in a number of different environments from large corporate offices, retail, manufacturing to work from home, for myself.
Every environment is different.

Of course, it requires different things but here’s what they all have in common.

The most effective people in every environment have the ability to assess,
to analyze what’s working and what’s not,
and to adjust- especially in today’s environment.
With what’s happening in today’s world, we have to be able to make those changes, to adapt.

That’s what life coaching can help you with- the assessments, the analyzing, the adjustments, the motivations.

Situations a Life Coach Can Help
You know, if you’re sitting around on the couch, kicked back eating chips, thinking about exercise and you just never get up off the couch and do it, you just kind of give up on who you want to be – because it’s easier to Netflix and chill, right?

Maybe you’re looking to advance at work and, on paper, you’re the perfect candidate but mentally you’re just not there yet.

Whether you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home,
if you’re an entrepreneur,
if you’re trying to work your side hustle, trying to get it off the ground,
if you’re in corporate and you’re trying to advance, to further your career-
there is a place in your life for life coaching.

Life Coaching can help you identify your goals, make your plan and put them into action.

What’s It Like To Be Coached?

Imagine what it would be like to regularly spend an hour talking with me
with our two minds
and our two hearts
focused on YOU.
What you want.
Amazing transformations can take place

Working with a life coach gets you what you want faster, easier AND it’s SO much more fun!

I’m good at what I do and what I do best is help YOU be good at what you do.

It sounds like rainbows and unicorns
but a life coach can help you be the person you want to be,
do the things you want to do,
help the people you want to help.

Get more life coaching tips and tools from me at tbrowning.com