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Life Coach Tracey Browning explains what life coaching is and who can benefit from coaching
  • Ph.D. work in Counseling Psychology, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • B.A. in Psychology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Elite Life Coach Coach Mindset Training Certification
  • Certified Life Coach American Union of NLP
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I am a lifelong learner. I constantly read, study, discuss and APPLY what I learn with family, friends and peers in formal & informal settings.

Whether it’s coaching, teaching, selling, leading, administrating, managing, guiding or listening-


I do, and have done this, in my roles as:

  • A life coach who believes we ALL have the potential to live the life we want
  • Founder/CEO with my husband in our digital marketing agency since 2012
  • Adjunct professor teaching psychology to college students
  • Mama and teacher to our 3 sons over 18 years of homeschooling
  • A leader of small groups in a variety of settings
  • HR manager for a manufacturing facility

The me my family and friends know:

I laugh as much as I can.I am a realistic optimist who thinks most of life is ‘figureoutable’.My sister calls me “mellow & bright” like her favorite cold brew coffee.I believe you can never have enough kindness and home cooking.I’m an extrovert who also requires time alone to recharge. 

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I’m not immune to suffering.

I’ve lost people close to me, dealt with decades of chronic illness, had miscarriages, handled financial difficulties and heard “no” to promotions & project proposals & big things I wanted in life. I’ve picked myself up (sometimes more quickly than others), dusted off and forged ahead after setbacks. My patience, persistence and pivot-ability is strong.

Our challenges may look different but we all have them.

We get to decide how to think and feel and live in our life circumstances.....

Transformation Permeates My Life

The second-hand furniture I reupholster The meals I concoct from whatever is in my fridge (and they are GOOD!) The colorful paintings I create from pictures in my mind The dreams I bring to life The clients I help

Taking something that seems worn, outdated or useless and making it fresh to fit THIS moment and serve purposefully into the future– that’s my jam!

See this chair?

It was sitting in a thrift store, with dirt and grime covering the wood frame and stained, ripped fabric.
Most people didn’t look beyond the sticky sadness.
But I knew the wood frame only needed a good scrub and a coat of stain 
While the seat cried out for fresh, modern fabric.
A little bit of time and elbow grease plus vision to see what’s possible then
The restored chair is BETTER THAN NEW.
It has renewed purpose and beauty.
It fits my needs exactly.

office chair

Coaching transforms lives like I transformed that chair

The journey between where it WAS and where it IS sweetens the story.
I don’t think life needs to be a constant self-improvement project.
I DO think that life is better when we are at our best as often as we can be.

What My Clients Say

I am so glad I worked with Tracey.  One of the things that helped me the most was the way she was able to sense a reservation that I was still holding onto in my business.  She was able to sense it, pinpoint it and bring it out into the light so that I could let it go and move forward.  After working with Tracey I feel so much more confident and able to move forward without reservations!!

Liz Bigger Owner at Liz Bigger Coaching
Liz Bigger
Owner at Liz Bigger Coaching

One of the biggest breakthroughs Tracey helped me with was listening to me when I was at one of the lowest points of my life, when I had no one to turn to.

She helped me to learn how to find a way for me to help myself. She guided me through the process to realize my own worth, strength and what I could accomplish by getting out of my own way and placing realistic ladder type goals on myself and working on them one at a time instead of being overwhelmed and lost like I was.

She was the support I needed to help me to achieve my current dreams of a job and having a roof over my head. The homework assignments really helped me to do work on myself outside of our meetings.

After working with Tracey, I feel much more confident in my abilities and I know now how to process the next steps in my life – and I never had that ability before working with her.

I am so thankful and grateful for being able to work with Tracey. Her methods worked wonders for me and if she could help me to find my own path to success, I know she can help others too. I will always recommend her to anyone needing help. Thank you Tracey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Piper G.

What started as a simple resume request turned into a change of life journey! Tracey immediately showed interest in me as a person and my goals/dreams of getting back into the software industry after being out of it for 4 years. I felt that to be impossible, but with Tracey’s help, encouragement and confidence building, we accomplished my goal! Solid resume and cover letter, job search approach and interviewing skills all led to more than 1 opportunity with the option to pick the best fit. Working as a team, I could not be happier with Tracey and the results she provided!

Dave C Software Implementation Specialist e1625183858550
Dave C.
Software Implementation Specialist

You’re like my good luck charm!

Rod M.

One of the biggest breakthroughs Tracey helped me with was letting go of ideas that are not going to grow my business and replacing them with clarity, confidence, and focus on ideas that will grow my business.  I feel stronger, more optimistic, and excited!

Laura Praske
Next Coaching

I had a session with Tracey discussing the challenges I’m having communicating with my friends, family and local community about my new career as a coach. I’ve been successfully self employed as a stylist /Hairapist for the last 30 years. Why make a change now?

In one session she laid out a leadership style simple plan for my problem.




Sometimes having permission to start fresh is as simple as it gets.

Thea Daniels Living the Life Coaching
Thea Daniels
Living the Life Coaching

Are you ready to align yourself with someone who BELIEVES IN YOUR POSSIBILITIES?

And who encourages you to REACH BEYOND YOUR IMPOSSIBILITIES and helps you to be more skillful at being human?

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