Career Reset Project

Are you looking for your next job and wish you didn’t have to figure it out all by yourself? I’ve got a fantastic opportunity for you!


During the month of September, I’m hosting Your Career Reset Project.

I’ll lead you to :


What personal/career strengths and skills do you have?

What resources are available to you?

What particular needs do you have?


You will write an effective resume and cover letter for the positions you seek.

Your LinkedIn profile is a definite plus in your job search so you will polish it.

The MOST important part of your job search is your mindset and we’ll work on strengthening it to build your confidence.


Many jobs are found through your network- let’s grow your network!

Working on this project with a group of people provides accountability and support.

Job hunting can be lonely and knowing you’re not alone can bolster your outlook.

I have experience and resources to guide you through this process AND alleviate some of the dread you may be feeling.


I will guide you via weekly Zoom meetings, daily emails, resources to develop your essential documents/profiles and in our private LinkedIn group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do this project?

This project will streamline your job search AND help you enjoy it. Yes, it’s possible to enjoy your search!

There’s a lot to juggle in the process and having a framework makes it far easier.

It helps to have others working alongside you as you go.

Job searching can be isolating and discouraging so set yourself up for success.

Is there homework?

Yes. I will explain and demonstrate what to do and answer questions during our Zoom meetings but this is YOUR PROJECT.

Are you going to write my resume?

I will give you extensive guidance on HOW to write your resume but will not write it for you. I will offer suggestions and edits to your resume.

How often will we meet?

We will meet five times on Zoom for live weekly sessions and any time we want in our private LinkedIn group.

You will also get daily emails from me to keep you on track.

How much does this cost?

For now, the price is only $55. This is the first time I’ve pulled together and presented this information in a group setting so you get to benefit.

Tons of information, guidance, support and encouragement for the super low price of $55. Please take advantage of this!

What if I don’t want to participate in a group?

You have a few options. You could be a silent group member and simply use the resources I’ll provide. That would be kinda sad though.

I also offer one-on-one coaching where we work specifically on what you need in your life and career.

What if I miss a Zoom session?

I plan to record and share each session BUT sometimes things happen.

You can access our LinkedIn group whenever you want, you’ll have daily emails to stay on track and there will be plenty of resources available for you to work on at your convenience. You would still be able to keep up.

Is this the only time the project will be offered?

Maybe. It’s the first time I’ve handled it this way so we’ll see.

What’s your experience? Why should I trust you?

I have had a digital marketing agency since 2012.

I am an adjunct psychology professor.

I have years in corporate Human Resources management.

As a coach, I focus on MINDSET. It’s the hub for all that happens in our personal and professional lives. 

I have a M.A. in Psychology and worked toward my PhD in Counseling Psychology.

More importantly, I want to help as many people as I can enjoy empowered living!

How do I get started?

Contact me. You can email or message me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If you have more questions, we can set up a time for a quick chat.

I’ll send you an invoice and once I’ve received your payment, you’re in!